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For Clubs

We can offer a floorball club a variety of products and services. In the true spirit of Speedhoc much of the products and services are customizable and you can design it exactly how the club  would like it to look. Because all floorball clubs are unique and that must show. We now offer you products that completely self-designed sticks and match uniforms, specially sized bags and more products and services are coming.

To learn more about each product you'll find them in the menu on the left.

Is your club interested in a cooperation and/or discount agreements with us in Speedhoc, where we can give you a complete solution around floorball. A contract also gives you much better prices for our products. Please contact us if you have some interest in this!

Roberth Johansson
+46 739 60 24 30
Lennart Johansson
+46 708 11 15 70
Box 731

451 25 Uddevalla