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Interview: Hansjörg Kaufman, Floorball4All


We continue this interview series with a man passonate about both floorball and underprivileged kids. 

    Why and how did you start Floorball4All?
On a studytrip in Brasil in 2004 I, a swiss youthworker and pioneer, met the undescribable poverty in several cities. What I saw in these neighbourhoods burned into my heart and I knew, that I had to do something with floorball to help this children. So, I came back to Switzerland and founded in 2005 "Floorball4all" .

    Can you tell us about some countries you've been and your experience there? 
I’ve been in a lot of different countries all over the world. Every trip had its speciality. Very impressive are the trips in Mozambik and Nepal, where the poverty ist very, very touchable. For me, it’s always a little bit like coming home, when I visit our projects over there, meet the trainers, who has become good friends and when I see, what happens through floorball. Naturally it is for me a question of heart to come back to Brasil, because here everything started eight years ago.

    How has the reception of the sport of floorball been in new countries?
With our sport we have the good luck that nobody knows floorball. For everybody it’s a new, attractive, dynamic and fast sport. Everybody can play floorball very soon. We don’t need much of material and the floor doesn’t really matter. That are all arguments why the reception of floorball is very good in new countries. And last but not least: everybody knows that you can’t earn a lot of monney with this sport, so corruption has no interest in floorball. That’s our big advantage over football.

    How have you experienced the cooperation with Speedhoc?
We are very, very glad to be a partner of Speedhoc. In this cooperation it is not the business who reigns but the heart and the personal contacts. A lot of Speedhoc material has found the way into our countries of use. With this Speedhoc helps to make a difference on this world.

Thank you Hansjörg! We really salutes Hansjörg, Benjamin and all the others over at Floorball4All for a wonderful initiative and work. We hope you get to do a lot of these trips.

If there are anyone of you others out there reading this that wants to help Floorball4All in their endeavour. Please contact them at info@floorball4all.ch and say hello from us at Speedhoc.

Floorball4All - http://www.floorball4all.ch/