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Interview: Sacha Ochsner, Ochsner Hockey



This is the first in a series of interviews we are starting. It’s interviews of retailer, partners and other persons working with and around Speedhoc. First up is Sacha Ochsner from Ochsner Hockey in Switzerland. A long time wholesaler of Speedhoc products.

    How did Ochsner Hockey start?
It was my father Jürg Ochsner which started the company in 1969 just selling hockey sticks, pucks and laces! He started as a one men show… today, we are over 60 people!

    You have been selling floorball sticks for a long time, why did you as a hockey store start with that? 
During the 90’s we were the distributor for several floorball brands. Since floorball is very close to ice hockey it was always a business which was very well placed in our company.

    How do you see hockey and floorball competing and a complement to each other?
There are many ice hockey players they play a lot of floorball during summer time.

    How have you experienced the cooperation with Speedhoc?
Speedhoc is a very good brand for us. We work together since over 10 years and we get always very good products. I like the service level and we always had a great partnership. THANKS!

Thank you Sacha! We’ve also experienced a great relationship with Sacha and Ochsner Hockey. Also hopes that more hockey stores and players can see the benefit of playing floorball.

Ochsner Hockey - http://www.ochsnerhockey.ch/