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Design your own stick

Speedhoc ID

Speedhoc I.D. makes it possible to design your very own floorball stick.

"Every player is a unique individual with his or her own style, attitude and character. We think it is obvious that it should be reflected in thestick they play with" - Speedhoc.

Designa din egna klubba eng

I.D. from Speedhoc is a world first which really brings out the individual in each floorball player.With I.D. you can customize the length, blade and flex so that it suits you - and of course, seasoned with your own custom designed patterns.

With the help of a function here on the website you can test different stick variations, colors and options to find your favorite. As the icing on the cake, you can also upload your very own designs for the stick shaft. Club Colors, your own autograph or why not this seasons score statistics: the possibilities are endless for the creative.

When the stick is designed and assembled it's quality tested in the factory before being shipped off to you, the eager buyer. Which so far can count on to stand out on the pitch.

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